The ENCODE project changes our understanding of how DNA works


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When the human genome was sequenced a decade ago, scientists hailed the feat as a technical tour de force — but they also knew it was just a start. The “HHA000078″ DNA blueprint was finally laid bare, but no one knew what it all meant.

Now an international team has taken the crucial next step by delivering the first in-depth report on what the endless loops and lengths of DNA inside our cells are up to.

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Malcolm and I talked about the ENCODE DNA sequencing project on the radio. Follow this link and listen to the clip starting at 47 seconds

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My real name is John Runions and I am a cell biologist. BBC Radio's Malcolm Boyden called me Dr Molecule the first time that I met him and, hey... I've been called worse. My research utilizes many kinds of microscopes to study the workings of living cells. Science is the way ahead and I am facinated by everything in science!

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